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Investment projects

OAO Belresursy - the management company of the holding Belresursy is interested in attracting a profile investor for the implementation of the investment project “Reconstruction of the production of detergents” in the subsidiary company OAO Barhim in Baranovichi.

At present OAO Barhim produces household chemicals and synthetic detergents. In 2020 - 2024, the company plans to implement the project "Reconstruction of the production of detergents", that provides for the construction of a new production building and placement in it of a modernized production of technical powder, liquid detergents, as well as other expanded range of new products.

We are also willing to cooperate in organizing contract or licensed manufacturing of new types of products using ingredients and formulas of partners.

We are interested in the production of: staff hygiene products (catering facilities, poultry farming, etc.), technical detergents for use in the food industry, detergents and disinfectants, veterinary antiseptic agents, detergents for cars, detergents for dishwashers, etc.

Organization of the production of these products in the Republic of Belarus in cooperation with OAO Barhim will allow the investor (partner) to enter a new market with the help of a well-known manufacturer in our country, to have competitive advantages and preferences established for legal entities - residents of the Free Economic Zone Brest.

We are ready to work and earn together with our partners.

You can get more detailed information by phone:

Director of OAO Barhim

Shleptsova Svetlana Valentinovna

+375 163 64 19 12

Reception of OAO Barhim

+375 163 64 19 27

Esteemed shareholders

OAO Barhim

The Supervisory Board of OAO Barhim notifies its shareholders about the holding of an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders on October 28, 2020.


1. On the conclusion of a transaction in which there is an interest of an affiliated person.
The meeting will take place at the location of the company:

The city of Baranovichi, 48 Prominsky Street (conference room).

Beginning at 14:00.

Registration of meeting participants: from 13:00 to 13:50.

For registration, shareholders should submit a passport, representatives of shareholders: passport and power of attorney.

Enterprise accounting

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